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Classification and standard of spindle CNC tool holders in machining centers


The spindle taper holes in the machining center are generally divided into two categories, a general-purpose system with a taper of 7:24 and a 1:10 HSK vacuum system.

1. Universal shanks with a 7:24 taper usually have five standards and specifications:

NT (traditional) referred to as NT or ST)

DIN 69871 (German standard) (JT, DIN, DAT or DV for short)

IS0 7388/1 (International Standard) (referred to as IV or IT)

MAS BT (Japanese Standard) (BT)

ANSI/ASME (US Standard) (CAT)

★NT type shank German standard is DIN 2080, which is used to tighten the shank by the tie rod on the traditional type machine tool, also known as ST in China;

The other four shanks are used to tighten the shank on the machining center through the shank at the end of the shank. At present, the most commonly used in the country are the DIN 69871 (ie JT) and MAS BT type. The DIN 69871 tool holder can be mounted on DIN 69871 and ANSI/ASME spindle taper machines. The IS0 7388/1 tool holder can be mounted on DIN 69871, IS0 7388/1 and ANSI/ASME spindle tapers. On the machine, so the shank of IS0 7388/1 is the best in terms of versatility.

★The rivet has three key parameters: θ angle, length l and thread G

There are several cases regarding the θ angle of the shank pull:

1, MAS BT (Japanese standard) handle rivet angle θ angle of 45 °, 60 ° and 90 °, commonly used 45 ° and 60 °;

2, DIN 69871 shank pull pin (commonly known as DIN 69872-40/50) θ angle is only 75 °;

3, IS0 7388/1 handle shank (commonly known as IS0 7388/2-40/50) θ angle has 45 ° and 75 ° points;

4. ANSI/ASME (American Standard) shank θ angles are 45°, 60° and 90°.

Bt Er Tool HoldersBt Er Tool Holder 2

Regarding the thread G of the shank rivet, except for the ANSI/ASME (American Standard) shank rivet, there are three types of metric thread. The other three use metric thread. The 40# shank rivet usually uses M16 thread, 50# knives. The shank pull is usually M24 threaded.

The 7:24 shank has:

JT series holder (ISO, German DIN standard, Chinese GB standard)

BT series holder (Japan MAS standard)

JT-WA series holder (German VDI standard)

JT-U series holder (American ANSI standard)

CAT Series Holder (American ANSI Standard - Caterpillar)

ST series tool holder (China GB standard)

SK series holder (German DIN standard)

Second, 1:10 HSK vacuum shank

The German standard for HSK vacuum holders is DIN69873. There are six standards and specifications, namely HSK-A, HSK-B, HSK-C, HSK-D, HSK-E and HSK-F. There are three commonly used: HSK-A. (with internal cold automatic tool change), HSK-C (with internal cold manual tool change) and HSK-E (with internal cooling automatic tool change, high speed type).

The 7:24 universal tool holder is positioned by the 7:24 taper surface of the tool holder and the 7:24 taper surface of the machine tool spindle hole. It has limitations in high speed machining, joint rigidity and coincidence accuracy.

The HSK vacuum shank is elastically deformed by the shank, not only the 1:10 taper surface of the shank is in contact with the 1:10 taper surface of the machine tool spindle hole, but also the flange surface of the shank is in close contact with the main shaft surface. The surface contact system is superior to the 7:24 universal tool holder for high speed machining, joint rigidity and coincidence accuracy.

Hsk63a 5Hsk Fmb Collet Chucks1

Automatic tool change without robot. BT50 holder and JT50 holder can be interchanged

(1) DIN 2080 (NT or ST for short)

DIN 2080 is the German standard, the international standard ISO 2583. It is what we usually call the NT type shank. It cannot be loaded by the robot of the machine tool.

(2) DIN 69871 (JT, DIN, DAT or DV for short)

About NT

NT is just a popular name, and it has a metric system. The general devil's NT points are NT(U) and NT(m). DIN2080 is metric. The domestic ST standard is based on the DIN 2080 standard, so ST, NT (m) and DIN 2080, can be used universally.

The standard number of JT is: GB10944, which is based on DIN69871/1 and is common to ISO7388/2. DIN69871 is generally referred to as the German: SK three standard parameters are universal. So some people call JT, ISO, DIN, SK, as for DV, DAT, those called the law is the name of some companies.

Nt Oz Collet ChuckNt Oz Collet Chuck 1

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