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  • Certs:ISO9001, GS
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About Us

TOOL TREE was legally registered in April 2014 and locates in Sishui Economic Developing Zone well known in China as the Hometown of Machine Tool Accessories TOOL TREE With the advantages of local production skilled operation well organized management and intellectual in this line mainly manufactures necessary series of Tool Holders on common and CNC machine tools TOOL TREE main products are 3 types The first is various Tooling System for CNC Machine Tools including precision Tool Holders Spring Collets Rough or Precision Boring Heads and Tapping Collets The second is other standard machine tool accessories such as all kinds of Live Centers Drill Chucks and so on The third is the special...

Categories and Products

Tool Holders

BT Tool Holders MAS403

Machine accessories MAS403 BT40 Collets Chuck BT40 Series collets tool holders CNC BT30 Tool Holder ER Collet Chuck Holder CAT40 ER32 Collet Chucks Tool Holders BT30 BT40 BT50 Collet Chuck holder precision BT-MTA MTB morse taper holder Drill Sleeves MAS403 BT40 Adapt Drill Sleeves BT40-FMB22-100 Shell end mill arbors BT40-SLN25-100 BT Side Lock End Mill Arbors MAS403 BT40 adaptors with balanced G2.5 MAS403 BT40 Side Lock End Mill Arbors MAS403 BT-MT Adapt Sleeves PB Precision MAS403 BT40-ETP32-100 TOOL HOLDERS PB Precision MAS403 BT40-TER32-100 TOOL HOLDERS High Precision BT40 SDC Collets Chuck BT50-OSL32-165 Side Lock Oil Hole Holders High Quality BT40-GSK16-60Collets Chucks High Quality BT40-GSK16-100 Collets Chucks BT40-GT24 Quick Change Tapping Chuck Adapter High Quality C/SL Straight Small Shank Holders 

HSK Tool Holders DIN69893

HSK63A Collet Chuck tool holders HSK100A Side Lock End Mill Arbors High Quality HSK100A Side Lock End Mill Arbors High Precision HSK100A-FMB32-250 Face Mill Arbors High Precision HSK-63F-ER Collets Holders High Speed HSK50E-GSK100-80 Collets Chucks High Precision HSK63A-HEC32-110 Power Milling Chucks High Precision MAS HSK100A-MTA3-150 Tool Holders High Precision HSK63A-SLN32-110 Side Lock End Mill Arbors High Precision HSK100A-ER32-100 COLLETS CHUCKS High Precision HSK100A-FMB22-250 Face Mill Arbors High Quality HSK63A-MTA3-140 Tool Holders High quality HSK63F-ER25-100 Collets Chucks High Quality HSK100A-FMB22-250 Face Mill -Arbors High Quality HSK100A-FMB22-250 Face Mill Arbors High Precision HSK100A-FMB40-150 Face Mill Arbors High Quality HSK100A-ER40-160 Collets Chucks Good Quality HSK100A-ER25-100 Collets Chucks Good Precision HSK100A-HCK3-125 Tool Holders High Precision HSK40E-ER16-60 Collets -Holders 

SK Tool Holders DIN69871

SK40-ER32 CNC BT Collets Holders SK40-APU13-110L Intergrated keyless drill chucks SK40-ER32-100 Collet Chuck holder SK40-FMB22-100 shell end mill arbors SK/DAT/JT Side Lock End Mill Arbors JT/SK/DAT ER High speed Fine Balances Tool Holders High Precision SK50 End Mill Arbors High Precision SK/DAT/JT SK50 End Mill Arbors High Speed&Fine Balanced DAT-ER Tool Holder High Precision DAT-ER high speed&fine balanced tool holder SK High speed & Fine balanced tool Holders SK40 tool holder CNC turning tool holders Grooving tool holder SK Shell End Mill Arbors DIN69871 SK40-ER32-160 High Speed Tool Holders JT ER Collet Chuck CNC Lathe Tool Holder SK High speed Fine balanced ER tool Holders cnc lathe parts sk collets chuck holders SK side lock end mill arbors SLN lathe parts SK er tool holder 

NT Tool Holders DIN2080

DIN2080 NT40 Collets Chuck holders ISO40 Collet Chuck holder DIN2080 NT50-ER32 NT tool holders ISO ER High Speed Collet Chuck Without Keyway High Precision NT30-OZ25 M12 Collet Chucks High Precision NT30-FMB22-45 Face Mill Arbors High Precision NT Side Lock End Mill Arbors High Precision NT30-FMB22-M12 Face Mill Arbors High Quality NT30-ER40 M12 Collets Holders High Quality NT40-ER40 M16 Collets Holders High Quality NT30-FMB M12 Face Mill Arbors High Precision NT collet chuck FMB tool holder Tool holder locking device NT FMB tool holders High Precision NT30 Face Mill Arbors NT30-FMB22 Face Mill Arbors For CNC High Speed NT30-OZ Collet Chuck For CNC 

MT Tool Holders DIN228

MT3-ER32 Morse Taper collets Holders MT series collet chuck tool holders High Quality MT-ER Collets Chuck Sets High quality MT4-OMS25 Oil Hole Holders High Quality MTB2-FMB22 M10 Face Mill Arbors High Quality MTB2-FMB22 M10 Shell Mill Arbors High Quality MTA/B3-FMB22-M12 Shell Mill Arbors High Quality MT ER32 M16 Collets Chucks High Quality MTA/B-ER32 M16 Collets Chucks High Precision R8-ER40 Milling Chucks High Quality 5C-ER40 Milling Chucks High Precision MTA2-ER32 Collets Chucks Morse Taper MT3-ER32 Collets Chucks High Quality Morse Taper MT3-OZ25 Collets Chuck High Speed MTB4-ER40 Collet Chucks High Precision MTA4-ER40 ER Milling Chuck High Quality MT5-ER40 M20 Collet Chucks MT-ER Collet Chucks for Lathe CNC 

CAT Tool Holders MAS403

CAT40 Collets Chuck Tool Holders CAT40-FMB22-100 Shell End Mill Arbors High Quality CAT40-C32-105L Straight Collets Chuck Inch Size CAT40 1/4''x2-1/2'' Collets chuck holder ANSI B5.50 High Speed CAT40-ER32-100 Tool Holders 65Mn CAT40-C32-105L Straight Collets Chucks CAT spindle tool holder ER Collet Chuck CAT40-er16 high speed tool holder CAT FMB shell end mill arbors 

R8 Tool Holders

High Quality R8 ER25 Collets Holders High Quality R8-OZ25 M12 Collets Holdres High Quality R8-B22 M12 Collets Chucks C45 R8-JT6 Drill Chuck Arbors High Quality R8-FMB22-M12 Shell Mill Arbors High Quality R8-FMB27-M12 Shell Mill Arbors R8-FMB27-M12 Shell Mill Arbors High Quality R8 B22 Drill Chuck Arbors High Quality R8-B22 Drill Chuck Arbors High Quality R8-B18-M12 Drill Chuck Arbors CNC machine parts R8 collet cnc lathe parts R8 collet chuck 

ISO Tool Holder

High Quality ISO30-ER32 Tool Holders High Precision G2.5 ISO30-ER32 Tool Holders High Speed G2.5 ISO20-ER16 Collets Chuck High Speed G2.5 ISO30-ER32 Tool Holders ISO30 ER Turning tool holder clamping chuck ISO 20 Tool Holder ISO Collet Chuck ISO 20er16ms high speed collet chuck without keyway 

C20 Arbors

High Quality C20-FMB22 Shell Mill Arbors High Quality C25-FMB27 Face Mill Arbors 

Spring Collets

ER Collets

ER40 High Quality ER Spring collets ER32 6mm chucks spring Collets 0.008mm ER32 ER Spring Collets Inch sizes ER32 1/2" er collets High Quality ER40 ER Spring Collets 0.005mm High Precision ER Collets High Quality ERG Tap Coliets High Precision 65Mn ER40 Spring Collets High Accuracy 0.008mm ER20 Spring Collets HIgh Accuracy 0.008mm ER32 65Mn Spring Collets High Precision 65MN 0.008mm ER 25 Collets High Precision Spring ER25 0.008mm 16mm Collets High Precision ER20 10mm Spring Collets High quality ER/C Collet Oil hole type Collet steel clamps ER collets with standard DIN6499B Precision ER32 Milling Collet Chucks ER Collet Precision ER32 Milling Collet Chucks ER spring Collet CNC Lathe ER Collet set CNC Lathe er collet for milling machine CNC lathe parting er collet milling tool holder 

OZ Collets

High Precision 65Mn EOC/OZ Collets High Precision OZ Collets Set 16pcs High Precision DIN6388 EOCB 8mm Collets Din6388b eoc32 oz32 spring collets eoca oz collet Spring Steel EOC25 Collet for Lathe Collet Holder 

R8 Collets

Customized Imperial R8 Collet Chuck R8 Spring Collet For CNC Machine Tools Accessories High Accuracy 3mm 65Mn R8 Collets Machine accessories R8 round collet R8 milling collets High Quality 65Mn clamping SDC Collets 

5C Collets

High Precision 65Mn 5C Collets 5C Collets High Quality Collets Round Clamping 5C Collet for 5C Collet Chuck High Precision 65Mn material 5C Square Collet 

Straight Collets

High Precision 65Mn C32 Straight Collets High Precision 65Mn C25 Straight Collets High Quality Full Size C42 Straight Collets 

SK Collets

High Quality Silver- Color SK Collets High Quality Silver Color SK Collets High Quality SK Collets Straight Collet High Quality SK Collets SK10 Collets High Quality Power Steel SK Milling machine Collet CNC lathe parts SK spring collets 

SDC Collets

High precision SDC Collets Rear pull Collets CNC lathe parts SDC spring collets 

ER Collets Set

ER series Spring Collets Wood Box Set ER series Spring Collets Set ER32 Collets set ER32 18PCS ER Collets Sets ER40 Spring Collets Sets High Precision ER Collets Set With Plastic Box 

Other Collets

High Accuracy 3mm Sharpener Collets 65Mn 4mm Sharpener Collets high precision High Precision 65Mn 6mm Sharpener Collets 


ER Nuts

ER32 Clamping Collet ER Nut High Quality ER 16A Nuts High Quality ER 32 UM Nuts Black Color High Quality ER 25UM NUTS Silver Color High Quality Sliver Color OZ 25 NUts DIN6499 MILLING CHUCK SERIES ER NUTS DIN6499 MILLING CHUCK SERIES ER32 NUTS DIN6499E MILLING CHUCK SERIES ER32 NUTS High precision ER16 dynamic balance nut High precision ER Clamping Nuts A Type CNC Carving and Cutting Machine ER Collets Nut 


ER Spanners

ER32 UM M type Wrenches er Spanner High Quality ER 25M Spanners High Quality ER M Spanners High Quality Black color UM-KM spanner High Quality ER20 M Spanners HIgh Quality ER16 M Spanners High quality ER Wraenches WTG-42 Wraenches High quality TG ER wrenches ALL kinds of ER NUT wrench 

SK Spanners

High Quality SK10 Ball wrench High Quality Black Color SK Spanner sk bearing wrench spanner with black dressing SK Lock Spanner Wrenches Spanner Set 

Pull Studs

BT Pull Studs

BT40 45 Degree Collet Chucks Pull Studs High Quality Silver color BT50 45degree Pull Studs Black Color MAS403-1982 BT50 Pull Studs All black MAS403-1982 BT50 Pull Studs High Quality MAZAK BT/CT Pull Studs High Precision BT-30 45Degree Perfection Pull Studs PULL Studs BT30 pull stud BT40 Extended Pull Studs M16 Pull Stud by BT standard MAS403-1982 

CAT Pull Studs

USA standard ANSI B5.50 CAT Pull Studs high accuracy CAT pull stud precision grinding High quality CAT30 Pull Studs CNC Machine CAT Retention Knobs Pull Studs CNC Machine CAT BT Retention Knobs Pull Studs 

DIN69871 Pull Studs

High Accuracy DIN69872-1988 JT40 Pull Studs High Precision DIN69872-1988 JT Pull Studs High Quality DIN69872-1988 JT Pull Studs DIN69872 1988 JT pull studs SK pull studs 

Boring Heads System

Boring Heads

F1-12mm 50mm Rough Boring Head F1 Rough Boring Heads F1-2''/F1-3''/F1-4'' Integrated High-precision Finish Boring Tool High Precision CBA Micro Finish Boring Hesds RBH Index-able Twin-bit Rough Boring-Heads RBH Index-able Twin-bit Rough Boring Heads Integrated High-precision 52-75 Finish Boring Head Integrated High-precision Finish Boring Head RBH 40-55LA-C Index-able Twin-bit Rough Boring Heads RBH Indexable Twin bit Rough Boring Head RBH Indexable Twin bit Rough Boring Heads CBA Micro Finish Boring Heads RBH32 Indexable Twin bit Rough Boring Heads F1 2" Boring Head cylinder boring head 2" Boring Head cylinder boring machine boring mill precision tool holders F1 18mm Rough Boring Heads F1 3" cylinder boring tools boring machine tool CBA Micro Finish Boring Heads cylinder boring tools RBH25 Indexable Twin bit Rough Boring Heads F1 Type Milling Rough R8 Shank Boring Head 

Boring Heads Shank

High Quality ISO30-1-1/2''-18 M12 Boring Head Shanks High Quality C20-F1-1-1/2''-18 Boring Head Shanks High Quality MT2-1-1/2''-18 M10 F1 Boring Head Shanks CNC parts nbh tool holder for boring head 

Boring Head Set

BT40 F1 Rough Boring Heads/Cutters/Shanks set High Quality NBH2084 Micro Boring Heads Sets High Quality NBH2084 Micro Boring Heads Sets 8pcs New type High Precision NBH-2084S Boring Heads Sets New type High Precision NBH2084S Boring Heads Sets F1 Boring Heads and R8 Boring Shanks sets 

Face Mills

BT40 EMR Face Round Dowel Face Mills EMR Face mill EMR-6R-80-27-6T High Quality TAP-400R-80-27-6T 90 Degree shoulder Face Mills High Quality Rap400R-63 75-degree Face Mills High Quality Rap400R-63 75 degree Face Mills High Precision KM12-63-45Degree Face Mill Arbors High Precision KM12-63 45Degree Face Mill Arbors High Quality EMR Round EMR686R Dowel Face -Mills High Quality EMR Round EMR686R Dowel Face Mills 90°Right Angle Shoulder Face Mills High Quality EMR-5R-50-22-4T Round Dowel Face Mills High Quality EMR-5R-63-22-4T Round Dowel Face Mills EMR Round Dowel Face Mills 90 degree Shoulder Face Mills KM 45degree Face Mills KM12 Face Mills RAP 75 degree Face Mills EMR CNC cutter flat round nose cutter head shell milling cutter KM45 degree Face Mills TAP400R 90 degree Shoulder Face Mills High-quality KM45 degree Face Mills 

Tool Locking Devices

CNC Lathe Tool Holder Vices 25 -32 

Tapping Collets System

Tapping Collets Chuck Set

High precision BT40 Tapping Collets Chuck Sets High Quality MT3/4/5 Tapping Collets Chuck Sets High Precision J4012 Type Quick-Change Chucks High Precision J4012 Type Quick Change Chucks High Quality MT-GT Tapping Collets Sets 

Tapping Collets

Quick Change Overload Clutch GT24 Tapping Collet Quick Change Overload Clutch Tapping Collet High Precision GT24-M18 Tapping Collets GT12 M12 Taopping Collets With Function of-loading protection Tapping collets With Function of over-loading protection GT Tapping Collet High quality Milling Working GT24 Tapping Collet GT12 Tapping collets with MT3 taper Tapping chuck tapping collet for quick change tool holder high quality Tapping chuck GT Tapping Collets BT40-GT12 Tool Holder Tapping Collet Chuck Hot Sale tapping collet for Milling machine ISO Standard GT24 Tapping Collets Universal Tapping Collet TC13-B16 ISO GT12 Tapping collet 

Tapping Collets Shank

Precision BT40-GT24 Tapping Collet Chuck High Precision BT40-TER20 Rigid Telescopic Tapping Shanks HighPrecision BT40-GT24Quick Change Tapping Chuck Adapter MT4-GT24-130 MT Quick-Change Tapping -Chuck Adapters 

Live Centers

Dead Centers

High Quality MT2 Dead Centers High precision live center mt4 dead center half notched carbide mt dead center 

Live Centers

high speed MT4/MT5 medium Duty Live Center High speed MT3 Live lathe Center Manfacturer of CNC Precision Live Center Good quality Medium MT5 Live Centers MT4 New Type of CNC Precision Live Center High Quality H TypeLive Centers High Speed MT4 Half-notched Dead Centers High Precision MT4 Half-notched Dead Centers High Speed MT4 live Centers With Water-Proof High Speed MT4 live Centers With Water Proof Live Centers MT1/2For Wood-working Machines 4pcs Live Centers for Wood-working Machine 4pcs Live Centers for Wood-working Machines MT2/3/4 High Quality Bull Nose Live Centers High Precision MT3/4/5 External Rotating Live-Centers High Precision MT3/4/5 External Rotating Live Centers High Precision New Type Live Centers High Precision New Type Live Centers For CNC High Precision Heavy Duty MT3/2/4 Live Centers High Precision Heavy Duty MT3 Live Centers 

Drill Chucks System

Key-type Drill Chucks

13mm Key type Drill Chucks with taper fitting Key-type Heavy Duty Drill Chucks with Taper Fitting High Quality 16mm Key-type Drill-Chucks with taper fitting Heavy Duty JT33 1/2'' Key-type Drill Chucks Key-type Drill Chucks with Thread mounted High-quality Key-type Drill Chucks with Thread mountde Carburizing taper fitting key type drill chucks 0.8-10mm 3/8-24UNF keyless drill chuck with Hex shank key type drill chucks with jacobs tapper fitting 

Keyless Drill Chucks

High Precision 16mm Keyless Drill Chucks High Quality 16mm Keyless Drill Chucks High Precision Taper-fitting Keyless 16mm Drill Chucks High Quality CNC 1/2" Keyless Drill Chuck CNC 1/2" Keyless Drill Chuck MT3 MT4 Integrated Key-less Drill Chucks Milling Machine Tools 13mm LD type Drill Chucks Taper fitting keyless drill chuck B12 drill chuck MT5-APU16 Integrated Keyless Drill Chucks High quality Overload protection keyless drill chuck High quality APU03 keyless mini drill chuck B10 JT6 Keyless Drill Chucks automatic drill chucks Jacobs tapper fitting keyless drill chuck machine parts thread mounted keyless drill chucks 

Stainless Steel Drill Chucks

High Quality JT1 Stainless Steel Drill Chucks High Quality 3/8''-24UNF stainless Steel Drill Chucks Stainless Steel Drill Chucks High precision Stainless Steel Drill chucks Medical key type stainless steel drill chuck 10mm 13mm Keyless Hand tightening drill chuck Stainless Steel Drill Chuck B10 6mm Medical Equipment Stainless Steel B10 Drill Chuck highquality key type stainlesssteel drill chucks 

Integrated Drill Chucks

Integrated Drill Chucks with R8 Shanks BT40-APU13-110 Integrated Keyless Drill Chucks Intergrated Drill Chucks BT40-APU13-110 High Quality NT40-APU13 Intergrated Drill Chucks DIN69871 40-APU13 Integrated Keyless Drill Chucks High Precision BT-APU CNC Integrated Drill-Chucks High Precision BT-APU CNC Integrated Drill Chucks High Quality CAT40-APU13 Integrated Drill Chucks C20 Intergrated Keyless Drill Chucks with Morse Taper C20-APU13 Straight Integrated Keyless Drill Chucks Tool Steel BT40-APU08 CNC Intergrated Drill Chucks High Precision NT40-APU CNC Integrated Drill Chucks 

Drill Chuck Arbor

DIN228 C45 Drill Chuck Arbor with Draw Bar Morse Taper Drill Chuck Arbors with tang form BT40-FMB22-60 BT-FMB Shell Mill Arbors SK Shell End Mill Arbors Drill Chuck Arbor with Draw Bar R8 Drill Chuck Arbors C45 R8 B16 Drill Chuck Arbors Milling machine B16 with drill chuck C20-B18 Drill Chuck Arbors with Draw Bar C45 MT3-B22 Drill Chuck Arbors With Draw Bar 

Drill Sleeves

MT Drill Sleeves

High quality Tool Holder Sleeves High Quality DIN2185 MT Drill Sleeves High Quality C45 MT Drill Sleeves High Quality DIN2185 MT2-1 Drill -Sleeves High Quality DIN2185 MT2-1 Drill Sleeves BT MTA Adapt Sleeves MAS403 Adapt Sleeves High Quality D40-25 Tool Holder Sleeves MT taper shank sleeve milling cutter sleeve DIN2187 40cr Extension Drill Sleeves High Quality D40-32 Tool Holder Sleeves Lathe machine tool holder sleeve boring bar sleeve 

Clamping Kits

58pcs Deluxe Steel Clamping Kit Tools 58pcs Deluxe Steel Clamping Kit with Flange Nuts CK-16 Steel Clamping Kits High Quality Steel Clamping Kits With Plastic Box 

Edge Finder

Electronic Edge Finder With Sound & Lamp Electronic 20 Edge Finder with sound & lamp Alloy Steel Electronic Optical Mechanical Edge Finder Edge Finders with Sound & Lamp PM10-A Machine Edge Finders High quality PM10-A/B steel Machine Edge Finders CNC Machine Tools Accessories Electric Edge Finder 

Z-Axis Zero Setter

Z-Axis Scale Zero Setter with magnetic Z-Axis Scale Zero Setter with Electro-optical Z-Axis Scale Zero Setter with Electro-optical ZOP-50 High Precision Z-Axis Scale Zero Setter with magnetic Z-Axis Scale Zero Setters with Magnetic Z-Axis ZDI-50A Scale Zero Setter with magnetic High precision Z-Axis Scale Zero Setter with Electro-optical With magnetic base Scale Zero Setter with Electro-optical ZDI-50A Scale Zero Setter with magnetic 

Tool Holder Sleeves

High Quality D32 Tool Holder Sleeves High Quality Silver color D32 Tool Holder Sleeves CNC Lathe Tool Holder Vices 25-25 32 High Quality CNC Lathe Knife Holder 

Measuring Tools

Different Type High Precision Vernier caliper High Quality Tool Holder cleaning stick High Quality HSK Tool Holder cleaning stick High Precision Stainless Hardened Vernier caliper Stainless Hardened 150mm Vernier caliper 

Milling Cutter

High precision CNC milling cutter CNC Lathe parts RAP 75 degree face mills EMR face mills for cnc milling machine CNC milling machine 90 degree shoulder face mills CNC milling machine km45 degree-12 face mills 

Extension Bars

High Quality C16-ER11A/M-100 ER Collets Extension Bar High Quality C12-ER11A-100 Extension Bar New Product Silver color Rear Pull Extension Bars New Product Rear Pull Extension Bars Rear Pull Extension Bars Set with SDC Collets High Quality C10-ER11A-150L Extension Bars High Quality C12-ER8-100 Extension Bars High Quality C12-ER11M-100L Extension Bars C/ER C12-ER16A-100L Long Mini Drill Chucks C-ER C12-ER11M-150 Long Mini Drill Chucks C/ER C16-ER11A-150L Extension Bars High Quality Extension Bars C25-ER20A-150L High Quality C/ER C25-ER32-100L Extension Bars C-ER C32-ER25-100 Extension Bar C40-ER32-100L C-ER Extension Bar High Quality CK5-60 Extension Adapter High Quality Extension Adapters CK6-60 

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